Where To Start Watching The Classic Anime

Some Shonen fans may skip the “Dragon Ball” series entirely because, while it has its fair share of action, the original series is much more of a comedy. This first installment has a different sense of adventure than “Dragon Ball Z.” Almost everything in “Dragon Ball” is played for jokes until Piccolo shows up later in the story. However, the series is still the starting point of Goku’s journey. If you’re looking for the complete experience, dip your toes in a different adventure serial type of anime. For those who have only known about “Dragon Ball Z,” it could be a refreshing departure that is a more lighthearted watch than its sequel series.

“Dragon Ball” consists of 153 episodes and has the foes Goku goes up against while retrieving Dragon Balls or going through training feeling like shadows of the major villains that take the stage in the next series. If you’re looking for some of the highlights of this original “Dragon Ball,” look no further than the “Tournament Saga” (episodes 14-28), the “King Piccolo Saga” (episodes 102-122), and the “Piccolo Jr. Saga” (episode 123- 153). Each of these highlight what people love about “Dragon Ball”— incredible action and fights fueled by rivalries that later become friendships, along with planting the seeds for the next chapter of the story in “Dragon Ball Z.” This is the perfect starting point for fans who want the complete experience.

Follow it up with: “Dragon Ball Z,” then “Dragon Ball Super.”

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