Where To Stream (Almost) Every Nominated Animated Short At The 2023 Oscars

“The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse,” is currently streaming on AppleTV+. The short from directors Peter Baynton and Charlie Macksey follows the titular animals form an unexpected friendship with a young boy, while trying to find a home for him. Idris Elba, Tom Hollander, Gabriel Byrne, and Jude Coward Nicoll are among the vocal talents. “Ice Merchants,” meanwhile, can be found streaming for free on The New Yorker. The wordless short from director João Gonzalez follows a father and son who parachute from their cliffside house every day to sell ice down below.

“My Year of Dicks” is the most easily accessible, as it’s currently streaming on YouTube. Sara Gunnarsdóttir directs the loose adaptation of producer Pamela Ribon’s journey to lose her virginity as a Houston teenager in the ’90s. Brie Tilton, Jackson Kelly, Klarissa Hernandez, and Chris Elsenbroek are among the vocal talents. “The Flying Sailor” is where things start to get tricky. The short is currently only streaming on the website of The National Film Board of Canada, which is only accessible if you live in, well, Canada. In the span of 8 minutes, directors Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby depict the Halifax explosion of 1917.

Lastly, there’s “An Ostrich Told Me the World is Fake and I Think I Believe it,” which isn’t streaming anywhere for the time being. The Australian short from director Lachlan Pendragon follows a telemarketer who falls into an existential crisis after a talking Ostrich informs him that he’s a stop-motion puppet. John Cavanagh, Michael Richard, Jamie Trotter, and Pendragon are among the vocal talents.

Whether you stream them or take the time to see the theatrical program, take a moment to support the hard work of these talented artists.

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