Where to Stream Kevin Can F*** Himself with Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy

If you roll your eyes at sitcom humor, there can be something cathartic about “Kevin Can F*** Himself”— Allison is rolling her eyes with you, onscreen. The series’ sitcom segments show how Kevin has robbed Allison of her agency, to the point she’s not even the center of her own story anymore. The only time she does have that agency is when he’s offscreen. Annie Murphy is a very watchable actor; Allison’s frustrations are endearing but she’s still sympathetic enough that you’re never rooting for her to fail (even though she invariably does).

Though initially more apathetic than Allison, Patti is just as disillusioned with her “friend” group and is initially the only one who joins Allison in the real world; men and women literally experience the world differently. That said, the show is more of a meta-text than a social commentary. Indeed, I believe the proliferation of the “schlubby stupid husband” archetype as an object of comedy is more insulting to men than the show’s deconstruction of it.

The man in the cast who turns out to be redeemable is Neil, of all people. During the first season, Neil only appears during the multi-cam sitcom portions. Inside them, he’s a complete doofus slavishly loyal to Kevin— because that’s how Kevin sees him. When we see him in the real world come season 2, he turns out to be much more self-aware than his best friend. Over the course of the season, he grows out of his dependency on Kevin and comes to reject him entirely.

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