Who Does Antonio Banderas Play in Dial of Destiny?

Banderas’ good looks are famous, but take a closer at his features — a slim face adorned with sharp cheekbones and piercing eyes, but with a kind smile. It’s no surprise that he’s equally convincing as a charming hero or sinister villain — somehow looks just right in both parts. He’s got the acting talent to excel in both roles too. The man can be anything — an action star, dramatic actor, romantic lead, or comedian.

Look at “Mask of Zorro,” where he does all four in the same character: the outlaw Alejandro Murrieta trained into the next Zorro by the original Don Diego de La Vega (Anthony Hopkins). The only moment in the film that left me in disbelief is when Murrieta and his mentor express doubt he can be a proper gentleman — you’re telling us it’ll be difficult for Antonio Banderas to charm people? 

Nonetheless, Murrieta is initially out of his depth as a swashbuckler — count the number of times he fails to properly mount his horse. Banderas is hilarious when befuddled, for even then he never loses his quick tongue or wit. With his comedic chops, it’s no surprise he would parody Zorro by voicing Puss in Boots in the “Shrek” series.

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