Why Did Anakin Join The Dark Side In The First Place?

Between Anakin’s incapacity to simply accept the change he can’t management and a strong mentor in his life telling him that he can (and will) bend others to his will, his determination to modify sides and be part of Team Sith begins to make extra sense, when you drill all the way down to the essence of his arc within the prequel trilogy. But there’s one other very important piece to the puzzle which is Anakin’s downfall and that is the place the animated sequence “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” is available in. It’s right here that we’re proven simply how Anakin’s legacy as a warfare hero got here to be and the methods he was mythologized all through the galaxy, inflating his sense of ego and self-importance.

He would not be the final Skywalker to fall for his personal hype, after all. Decades later, Anakin’s son Luke would make an analogous mistake, in his hubris believing he may “pass on [his] strengths” to his nephew Ben and curb his personal inner battle. “Because I was Luke Skywalker. Jedi Master. A legend,” he bitterly tells his pupil Rey in “The Last Jedi.” He even acknowledges the exact same darkness in Rey that he noticed in Ben — and Anakin earlier than him — when Rey is drawn to a spot on Ahch-To the place a robust darkish presence resides.

“It offered something you needed. And you didn’t even try to stop yourself,” Luke factors out to Rey. Those similar phrases may nearly apply to Anakin, as typically as we see him visibly battle in opposition to that want throughout the quieter and extra intimate moments from the “Star Wars” movies and TV reveals. But in the long run, Luke’s phrases lower proper to the center of the matter: Anakin joined the darkish aspect as a result of he wanted it, satisfied solely he may wield it correctly.

Because he was Anakin Skywalker. Jedi Master Knight. A legend.

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