Why Harrison Ford Has No Interest In Directing His Own Films

Harrison Ford made the decision to never direct many, many years ago, as was documented by Time Magazine. All the way back in 2010, Ford answered burning fan questions mailed to the publication, including one fan from Australia who asked, ‘Have you ever wanted to direct one of your own films?” Harrison Ford’s response was, understandably, an extremely “Harrison Ford” take on the world of directing. Here’s what he had to say:

“No. It’s the hardest job in the world. It takes too long and doesn’t pay well enough. After he directed his first movie, Bob Hoskins said it was ‘Like being pecked to death by penguins.’ Bill Murray said, ‘It’s seven times more work for the same money.’ I love the collaboration. I love to work with a director. That’s the fun part.”

Harrison Ford has worked with some of the most incredible directors in film history, so unless he had the compulsion to create a film through his vision, there’s no real reason for him to ever pursue directing. The man has starred in multiple blockbuster franchises; the last thing he needs is to feel the proverbial sensation of being pecked to death by penguins. Harrison Ford knows his worth, knows his passions, and is sticking to it. He’s a living legend for a reason.

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