Why John Wick 4’s Church Scene With Keanu Reeves and Donnie Yen is So Important

Michael Finch clearly lays out the reasons for both sides facing off against each other: “Caine is there for his daughter — to save his daughter, John Wick has to die. John is there to try and figure out how to free himself of John Wick.” 

The quiet intimacy of the scene, taking place against the backdrop of the imposing church architecture, is a quick break from the action to reflect on the morality of these characters, and gives a chance for “these two guys … to sit down for a moment and not have to be fighting,” Finch explains. He elaborates that the interaction “just speaks to how this entire franchise exists in a gray area with deep shadows.” 

Just like the secrecy of the fantastical underworld, “nothing is as it appears” and the characters’ reasons for their violence is “not as simple as you think it is.” These two assassins employ brutal methods, but their strict honor code and love for their families makes them endearing and gives them a heroic depth — a necessary step for adding weight to their fight, and setting up the emotional payoff that occurs during the ensuing duel.

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