Why Making Nate Team Manager In Ted Lasso Would Have Been ‘Too Unbelievable’

As the grey-haired coach of West Ham United, Nate answered on to Rupert Mannion (Anthony Head), the previous proprietor of AFC Richmond and evil ex-husband of Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham). There have been theories that Nate’s girlfriend, Jade (Edyta Budnik), is likely to be imaginary, since she had a approach of disappearing and never interacting with different characters, however these theories proved to be unfounded, and it was when Rupert tempted Nate to cheat on Jade that Nate stop his new crew offscreen.

Nate then spent an episode in mattress (there have been actually 4 scenes of him in mattress) earlier than Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt) confirmed up on his doorstep, made good on the promise to reveal his personal mysterious backstory (as an ex-convict), and welcomed Nate again to his previous crew with open arms. Everyone else on the AFC Richmond crew gave the impression to be superb with Nate returning, even supposing a surveillance video of him ripping up the “Believe” signal within the locker room had them appearing out violently in opposition to Nate’s new crew earlier within the season. In his feedback to Deadline, Nick Mohammed additional unpacked the choice to make Nate AFC Richmond’s “assistant to the kit man” once more:

“I really liked the fact that when they’ve just returned to Richmond, he’s the assistant to the kitman. I feel like it’s right that he should start back where he belongs but be happy because that’s always been the thing, hasn’t it? He’s always needed to be the best and have the fancy cars and be at the fancy club … But actually, I think in season 3, he realizes that those things aren’t really as important as he thought they were. They’re very seductive, but they’re not the things that really truly make him happy.”

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