Why Swamp Thing Is The Next DC Superhero Who Deserves A Movie

This was a gut-wrenching development for Swamp Thing. Many of the character’s earlier adventures had revolved around the idea that perhaps one day Alec could be human once more. It was this thought that kept him going. However, the knowledge that he could never be Alec Holland because he never had been him to begin with left the creature understandably distraught. Much of what followed was about Swamp Thing laying Alec Holland to rest and coming to terms with who he is.

Moore’s run is overflowing with heady concepts and unforgettable characters brought to brilliant life by Bissette, Totleben, and colorist Tatjana Wood — seriously, those colors are incredible. There’s also an epic romance between Abby Arcane — niece of Swamp Thing’s arch nemesis — and Alec (a name which the creature eventually accepted being called again), which includes some pretty steamy plant sex. I’m not kidding. Plus, there’s the introduction of John Constantine — let us have this movie crossover please — as well as the fate of Matthew Cable, Abby’s husband who dies only to later be resurrected as the raven for a certain Dream King. After all, Moore had to get him out of the way to make room for Abby and Alec’s relationship.

There are plenty of cool cameos as well, from the Spectre to Etrigan — truly a treat when Moore writes the rhyming demon — to Batman himself, but Swampy is undeniably the star here. I don’t want to spoil too much of this run, because honestly, everyone should read it. Moore’s writing is just astounding, and not only in terms of plot. When doing a recent reread, there are so many sentences that made me pause, completely awestruck.

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