Why Takashi Miike Decided To Release Connect On Disney+

In an interview with K Odyssey, Takashi Miike┬ácited the opportunity to connect with people around the world as part of what led to him working with Disney+ on “Connect:”

“I tried to stay true to myself throughout the production, in other words, I want the chemical reaction between me and the South Korean production crew to lead the way. One of the most meaningful thing about this whole thing is that I can share the end product with such talented people.”

Aware that the Japanese film industry is “very curious” as to why he teamed up with the South Korea-based Studio Dragon, Miike explained, “I am not sure or certain of my future, however now we are presented with [an] opportunity to meet new people, therefore those connections and [means] of meeting new people throughout the world are creating a scenic change in [the] Japanese movie industry.”

Miike added that he feels his team has taken “a huge jump” where “Connect” is concerned, but admitted, “I am not certain which way that jump [has] led us, but [the] most certain thing about this whole situation is that we have taken a big jump.”

Early reviews describe “Connect” as a genre-bending series that works as a compelling sci-fi thriller and also contains enough story and shock value to keep viewers watching. Actor Jung Hae-in is a terrific talent in the South Korean film and television industry, and with Miike at the helm, “Connect” certainly sounds like a must-watch for the filmmaker’s most avid fans.

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