Why The Rumored Avatar Sequel Plots Make Me Question The Future Of The Series

More than anything, introducing shades of gray to the morality of the “Avatar” franchise is wholly unnecessary. Both “Avatar” and “The Way of Water,” but especially the former, have already featured human characters who cared about the Na’vi and didn’t agree with the pillaging and the murdering favored by their peers. When push came to shove, they even fought directly against the other humans in the films!

Mind you, if this is specifically about showing Neytiri that not all humans are bad, well, has James Cameron forgotten that Neytiri is well-aware Jake Sully was born a human? Or that she knows (and presumably is at least friendly-ish with) humans like Norm Spellman and Max Patel, who work with and help out the Na’vi?

The only possible thing going to Earth would open Neytiri’s eyes to is how humans destroyed their planet beyond all hope. To try and delude yourself otherwise, or to believe that the solution to this franchise’s issues is to make the audience care more about its human characters, makes about as much sense as, say, thinking “Jurassic World¬†Dominion” ought to be all about giant locusts giving dinosaurs and humans a common enemy, rather than focusing on the far more compelling conflict between the two species. And we all know¬†how well that worked out, yes?

To put it as simply as possible, we don’t watch the “Avatar” movies for nuanced human characters with complex morals. Don’t make a huge mistake, James.

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