Why X-Men Origins: Magneto Was Canceled

In Israel, Erik visits his only remaining family: his hospitalized, dementia-ridden grandmother Rachel. She doesn’t recognize him and it seems he really is all alone. Then he finally goes to the therapist Wesenthein recommended: Charles Xavier. He’s running an institute to help troubled people, both with his telepathy and normal therapy.

The two become friends, even if they’re split from the beginning due to Erik’s militancy and Charles’ pacifism. When Erik fends off an attacking Egyptian tank with his powers, Charles realizes his new friend is a fellow mutant. Erik, who assumed his powers were the result of Nazi science, realizes he’s not alone at all.

More of the Nazis track down Erik and destroy Charles’ institute, but Erik learns that Kleinmein is in Washington DC. The twist — the doctor was Operation Paperclip’d into American service. The CIA wants his findings on mutants to create super soldiers. Graves knew this and was stringing Erik along.

Erik departs for America. After confronting Graves, he’s captured by the CIA but then rescued by Charles; Erik is surprised to see him but Xavier says he couldn’t let his friend face this challenge alone. Together, the two free Kleinmein’s mutant children test subjects while Erik finally kills Kleinmein, telling Charles it was an accidental death (Charles wants “so badly to believe [that]”).

The two friends purchase land in Westchester, New York to build their school/haven for Mutants. When Erik goes back to his temporary apartment though, he puts on a metal helmet, the “crown” of Magneto, designed to block Charles’ telepathy. The “seed of distrust” that tears them apart is already planted.

The movie ends in the present day; Charles finds Erik at the Auschwitz memorial while now-Senator Kelly gives a speech condemning mutants. Erik departs, again tearing apart a metal gate with his powers.

Fade to black.

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