Will Ahsoka Take The Place Of Star Wars Rebels Season 5?

Likewise, in an interview with Total FIlm (via IGN), Dawson added, “I’m pretty sure Dave said that this is basically like the fifth season of ‘Rebels.’ So it felt nice to feel that sort of continuation with these people she’s got such a rich history with. You can see that with her mission that she has, going after Thrawn, and believing that he’s still alive, and holding Ezra in her heart because they have a really beautiful, long history as well.”

Is this a good thing, though? The problem with a character like Ahsoka is that there is 15 years’ worth of stories about the character, and not everyone who will watch “Ahsoka” will be familiar with “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels” and their combined 200+ episodes of TV. You can’t force people to watch all of that, but you also just can’t ignore that backstory either. Do you then just recap the important stuff in the show itself? That would make it feel like a waste of time if you already knew the story.

We saw how this worked, or didn’t work, in “The Mandalorian” with Bo-Katan. The show all but ignored Bo-Katan’s story in “The Clone Wars,” opting instead to do a very, very condensed and safe version that ignores the character’s messy history. This made it easy for newcomers to think of her as just an important character without having to know more. This simplification also meantĀ losing the context that made Bo-Katan so complex, and completely erasing her sister, Satine, which should have been huge for the themes and story of the seasonĀ (given she tried to make Mandalore a pacifist planet and struggled with the Mandalorian history of inner conflict and violence).

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