Will We Get Season 4 of The Other Two?

THR wrote that multiple insiders say that there is “no causal connection” between the show’s ending and the work environment complaints, but the allegations are equal parts disappointing and ironic considering the nature of the show. Sources told THR that Chris Kelly “verbally abused writers and overworked crew and claims that Schneider enabled his behavior.” The complaints were enough to warrant an internal investigation, and the duo was formally cleared of any wrongdoing. Even still, there’s a bit of gallows humor to be found that a show satirizing the unchecked egos and toxic behavior of people in the entertainment industry … comes to an end following the investigation of unchecked egos and toxic behavior of people in the entertainment industry. 

“There’s a lot of Chris and Sarah in the show … I think a lot of their frustration comes from not being on-camera,” an insider told THR. “These are two people who started off as improvisers. This is a show about people who are hungering for fame. Their friends and colleagues became well-known … It’s a lot like the show.” Apparently, another source said the working environment was an open secret in the biz, stating, “Other writers tell stories about ‘The Other Two’ writers’ rooms like other people tell ghost stories.” Yikes. We hope that for all involved the show’s end is merely coincidental, but if the working conditions are as bad as they sound, we look forward to the future tell-all book breaking it down — preferably written by Mo Ryan. 

But in the wise words of Chase Dubek, “You gotta live life to the fullest, ’cause you never know when it’s all gonna be over, so you’ve just got to chase dreams.”

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