With One Episode Left, Secret Invasion Is Still Full Of Plot Holes

For one, Nick Fury’s failure and Gravik’s resentment both rely on the audience believing that Carol Danvers really spent 30 years looking for a suitable home for the Skrulls and could not find a single planet in the entire universe they could go to that wasn’t Earth. Really? The whole universe, and there is not a single place big enough to support the Skrulls? What about the planet Thanos went to after the blip at the end of “Infinity War?” That seemed pretty empty!

Granted, as a recent EW article indicates, Carol is apparently a bit of a workaholic (as we’ll see in “The Marvels”), but the notion that she would never really find a solution, or that she would find one but not tell Fury, signals a big problem of the late-stage MCU — that the universe has grown too big and convoluted to be cohesive. This is the same problem plaguing world-changing events like the Celestial sticking out of the ocean from “Eternals” that no one ever mentions, or the fact that the only MCU title that even referenced Wakanda revealing itself a superpower was “She-Hulk.”

No matter what “Secret Invasion” did, it was never going to live up to the comic because the current MCU cannot accommodate truly game-changing stakes. Though, in theory, every MCU title builds up to the next thing, in practice, these entries are less connected and impacted by one another than “Agents of SHIELD” was by the movies.

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