World War II Adventure Film ‘War Blade’ Picked Up by 101 Films Intl.

101 Films Intl. has secured worldwide distribution rights for World War II adventure film “War Blade,” starring Joseph Millson (“Casino Royale,” “The Last Kingdom”), Paul Marlon (“Trigger Point”), Michael McKell (“Murder Investigation Team,” “Doctors”) and Rebecca Scott (“The Capture,” “Transhuman”). The sales company is presenting the film to buyers at the European Film Market in Berlin.

The film was written and directed by Nicholas Winter (“Robin Hood: The Rebellion,” “Breathe,” “Bone Breaker”).

“War Blade” follows Robert Banks, an agent of the British Special Operations Executive, who is tasked with rescuing a French resistance fighter from a hidden Nazi bunker. With the help of a German nurse and a ragtag group of allies, Banks must journey to the belly of the beast.

With his commanders already suspecting the bunker holds much more than prisoners, and a group full of fragile personalities to deal with, Banks faces dangers from all fronts. Always outnumbered and outgunned, Banks and his group must use their guile to outwit the enemy and survive the deadly mission.

“War Blade” is produced by Picture Perfect (“Boudica,” “Confession,” “Code of Silence”).

Andy Lyon, CEO of 101 Films Intl., commented: “We are thrilled to be representing this movie at EFM. ‘War Blade’ is an exceptional war film, and we are confident that this will appeal to global audiences. We look forward to announcing sales around this title soon.”

101 Films Intl.’s slate includes live-action movie “Mia and the Dragon Princess,” crime film “A Violent Man,” war drama “The Shamrock Spitfire,” “Fear the Invisible Man,” a remake of the H.G. Wells’ classic novel “The Invisible Man,” and gothic drama, thriller “Frankenstein Legacy.”

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