Xolo Mariduena Ushers In The DCU

Our own Jenna Busch-Henderson had the opportunity to chat with the creative team behind “Blue Beetle,” and left the conversation filled with “hope” for the film. According to director Angel Manuel Soto, the film pulls from comics ranging from “Infinite Crisis” all the way to “Graduation Day,” and that the film will introduce Palmera City in the same way that Superman has Metropolis and Batman has Gotham. But as much as this is a superhero movie, this is also a film about family at its core. As star Xolo Maridueña says:

“Something that we were just discussing that’s kind of funny is, we see some of these other superheroes who are able to hide from their family the fact that they’re a superhero. But I mean, as you guys just saw in the trailer, his family is right there on that first transformation. So to good luck keeping a secret … it can’t happen without the family. That’s a theme that I think, whether or not you’re Latino, it transcends ethnicity, it transcends color of skin, because that’s something that we can all relate [to].”

The newest trailer looks to be just as fun and funny as the first, and it’s such a relief to see a DC superhero movie embrace bright colors and the excitement of being a hero instead of taking itself quite so seriously. Hopefully, this new trailer will help reignite the spark for folks to check this movie out, because it looks like the cure for superhero fatigue.

“Blue Beetle” makes his grand entrance on August 18, 2023.

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