Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 8 Shows Misty Has Always Been Looking Out For Natalie

In the newest episode of “Yellowjackets,” entitled “It Chooses,” the crew lastly resorts to deliberate sacrifice with a purpose to save a languishing Lottie. When Natalie pulls the ominous queen of hearts card, she goes working into the woods with the crew in shut, savage pursuit. Leading the pack is Misty, who’s armed with a cartoonishly big axe — in all probability the identical axe she used to cut off Coach Ben’s leg. Natalie sprints throughout the frozen lake after Javi, who guarantees to secret her to a secure place recognized solely to him (and now apparently, as we see in cutscenes, Coach Ben). But as at all times occurs in films and TV, the ice cracks, swallowing Javi up. 

Natalie throws herself to the bottom, screaming for the ladies to assist her shore him up. Most of the huntresses appear to snap out of their stupor and cling again, unclear easy methods to proceed. Should they let Javi drown and spare themselves the duty of murdering their buddy? Can they even deliver themselves to let that occur? Misty is the one one who would not hesitate to fly to Natalie. She wraps her arms round her and pulls her again from the ice gap, shouting, “If you save him, the others will get you.”

We did not suppose the present might get any worse than cannibalism, or what occurred with Shauna’s child. But it does, and Javi, who simply returned to the cabin after miraculously surviving within the winter woods alone, turns into the crew’s subsequent meal. Thanks to Misty, nevertheless, Natalie lives to see one other day.

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