Yellowjackets Season 2 Is Focusing In On ‘Female Rage’

During an exclusive interview with Empire Magazine, “Yellowjackets” executive producer Jonathan Lisco said, “Now we’re really exploring female rage.” Season 1 introduced the world to the devastating, mysterious, and unfathomable circumstances that shaped the women of team Yellowjackets, and season 2 looks to finally let them fully express their true, unfiltered feelings about what happened. “In the past, it’s about the falling away of social constructs, even more than last season,” said Lisco. “In the present, I think each of these women is being forced to reckon with who they really are, which they’ve been able to deny most of their adult lives.”

Last season was filled with horrific moments of trauma beyond the arena of eating the flesh of teammates, like Laura Lee’s plane exploding before their eyes, Coach Ben losing a leg, the inciting plane crash, Lottie starting a cult, Nat’s father’s death, the preventable death of Jackie, Shauna’s attempt at a DIY-abortion, Van getting her face mauled by a wolf, Taissa’s late-night reigns of terror, the murder of Travis, Misty holding a reporter hostage, and all of the survivors dismembering and disposing of Shauna’s secret boyfriend. It’s about time they finally acknowledge how deeply screwed up experiencing all of that has been.

But as is the case with “Yellowjackets,” there will also be plenty of room for levity. Lisco said the addition of Lauren Ambrose as Adult Van will keep things from feeling too heavy. “Van was always a character through which we could run a lot of humor,” Lisco said. “She hasn’t changed in that regard.” Bring on the rage and the one-liners from Van.

“Yellowjackets” season 2 returns to Showtime starting March 26, 2023. Buzz buzz!

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