Yellowjackets Season 2’s Unsettling Suggestion About Lottie’s Psychiatrist

Though Lottie’s therapist has appeared succesful, agency, and useful within the temporary glimpses we have gotten into their periods, we must always keep in mind — this is not truly Lottie’s therapist. In episode 4, Lottie remarks to her, “It’s weird, Dr. Graham didn’t tell me he was taking a sabbatical,” implying that whoever she’s speaking to is definitely a alternative, one whose look was a shock. 

It’s straightforward to glide previous such an innocuous line in a present the place literal blood and guts are being thrown on the digicam each different scene. But that little seed, planted snugly within the backs of most viewers’ minds little question, burst forth like a wild, thorny vine from its casing to command the middle of our consideration this episode. The grownup survivors have all lastly gathered at Lottie’s compound. Twin senses of foreboding and anticipation linger over a raucous evening of ingesting and reminiscing. A sequence of scenes lower into the ultimate stretch of the episode present Lottie confiding to this therapist that she feels “a force” has drawn all of them again collectively. The therapist asks if Lottie felt her “most authentic self” when she was within the woods; maybe it is she who semi-consciously willed the reunion. It was the toughest time of her life, however perhaps that is exactly what made it essentially the most rewarding — essentially the most alive she ever felt. It’s darkish, however truthful.

Their trade takes a flip from the darkish to the unusual when the therapist asks, “Tell me, is there anything of value in this life that doesn’t come with risk? Or loss? Or consequence?” Lottie responds, “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” She then morphs into the Antler Queen and asks, “Does a hunt that has no violence feed anyone?” earlier than vanishing. Uh oh.

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