Yellowstone Prequel’s Michelle Randolph And Darren Mann On The Next Dutton Generation [Exclusive Interview]

Jack and Elizabeth are about to face a life where one of them is prepared, and one of them is definitely not prepared. Can you give us a little bit about their backstory and what we’ll see from them?

Randolph: Well, Jack is a Dutton, and Elizabeth is the daughter of a rancher, but she’s East Coast educated, and she summered in Montana. She fell in love with Jack. I think we see — for Elizabeth, at least — her growing into a young woman and figuring out what it’s like to marry a rancher, not just be the daughter of one.

Mann: I think what else is cool about this for me has been exploring a relationship back then in the ’20s and how it can be so pure, even though I’m 25 years old. Because I don’t have all these external influences, and Instagram, and TikTok, and the internet. That, to me, has been probably the coolest part about forming this relationship in the show, is that it’s so different than creating one in 2022.

Did you look at younger people’s relationships? Because it does seem a lot more innocent.

Randolph: Yeah. I went back to my first love, and just the innocence of when you’re in middle school and you have the biggest crush on somebody.

Mann: When you know nothing, no reference to tap into.

Randolph: It was special, like you said, so I go back and figure out what it looked like for them. It’s so pure. 

Mann: But thankfully, Michelle and I had done this once before as a couple [on “House of the Witch”]. And that was awesome when I found out that Michelle was cast, because you’re always a little nervous about what your love interest’s going to be like. You hope to God you get along and all that. I can remember being so pumped when I saw the call sheet for cowboy camp, I was like, “Yes. Michelle is here, this is amazing.”

Randolph: I knew before you.

Mann: And you didn’t tell me!

Randolph: I didn’t know if you knew then. And then Darren called me freaking out. But yeah, it’s really cool that we got to work together again, especially as a couple. 

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